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Hip Hop High Clothing Company


Hip Hop High Clothing Company will have its own line of Clothing to support the Hip Hop High brand, everything from caps to t-shirts to fleece jackets to Hoodies, Hip Hop High Clothing Company will have clothing to sport throughout the year. Hip Hop High Clothing Company will also sell other major brands of Hip Hop Clothing as well as its own brand.


The Hip Hop High Company will have in house designers that will be handpicked during the first season of the reality TV show titled “Hip Hop High Incorporated-The Reality TV series. The Hip Hop High Clothing Company will be one of the weekly features that will be highlighted in the show and you will see the progress of the making of this new unique clothing company.

Hip Hop High Magazine


 Hip Hop High Magazine was created  to get the word out about the products and services of all aspects of Hip Hop High. This quarterly publication will serve a dual purpose for Hip Hop High. One. a communication vehicle to Hip Hop High alumni and its fans, (2) the magazine will double as a catalog as well with the emphahsis on the Hip Hop High Clothing Company and its many products. The magazine will cover the world according to Hip Hop with articles on the latest trends in music, fashion, sports and much more with a Hip Hop perspective.

Also Expect to see the latest on all things Hip Hop High including its new product line, upcoming films, TV shows and music. The Hip Hop High Magazine will be the go to place to be informed about all thing Hip Hop High and the world of Hip Hop.


Welcome To  Hip Hop TV. The Hottest New Hip Hop TV Shows, Movies and Music Videos. We will provide an Array of Hip Hop news and Information 24 hours, 7 days a week, stay tuned as we launch this brand Network. Hip Hop TV. Hip Hop TV Anchor TV shows will include “Hip Hop History 101”. This TV Show will be the staple of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame & Museum and the new 24 Hour TV network. The TV show will delve into the early years of Hip Hop to present day and chronologically sound the show will give even the novice Hip Hop Fan a clear picture of how Hip Hop evolved. The show itself will be in a classroom setting of young teen adults asking questions about the history of Hip Hop. Old school and new school Hip Hop artist will be called in to be special guests to answer questions as well as to perform on the show. The classroom will turn into a stage on a regular basis to showcase artists of all generations of hip Hop. 

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